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Birth of the Blues - Home Paint Colors 2021

Posted by Ginnie Burke Preston on January 01, 2021 in  Decorating  Remodeling
In a previous post I talked about the trends in paint colors moving from greys to blue and several of the paint companies have now announced their “Colors of the Year”. When staging a home for sale this year it is helpful to know the colors trends so that, even if you don’t want to repaint entire rooms, you can use the colors in accessories to freshen your decorating. Glidden: Aqua Fiesta Glidden Paint has never announced a color and for their first they have chosen Aqua Fiesta PPG1147-4 a c... read more
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What is a Seller Assist?

Posted by Ginnie Burke Preston on September 07, 2020 in  Real Estate Advice
Most buyers are know the term “down payment” and are aware they will need some savings in order to purchase a home.  But there are other upfront cost associated with buying a home. These costs include: title insurance, lender fees, escrow accounts for taxes, transfer taxes and settlement fees. Added up they can cost up to 6% of the purchase price of the home.  “Seller assist” is a feature of mortgage loans that is used to help the buyers to mortgage a portion of these closing costs... read more
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HOT or NOT - Décor 2020

Posted by Ginnie Burke Preston on July 09, 2020 in  Decorating
By keeping up with the latest decorating trends you might be able to incorporate some of the hottest trends that will attract younger buyers while ditching that which is passe. So which trends are HOT and which are NOT?Grey is…………NOT! The last several years saw grey everything; paint, floors, furniture upholstery-anything that was not white was grey. This year the color is blue. You can reference the Pantone color of the year: Classic Blue. Think sky at dusk. Think Ralph Lauren. Cla... read more
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