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HOT or NOT - Décor 2020

Posted: July 09, 2020 by Ginnie Burke Preston

By keeping up with the latest decorating trends you might be able to incorporate some of the hottest trends that will attract younger buyers while ditching that which is passe. 

So which trends are HOT and which are NOT?

Grey is…………NOT!
The last several years saw grey everything; paint, floors, furniture upholstery-anything that was not white was grey. This year the color is blue. You can reference the Pantone color of the year: Classic Blue. Think sky at dusk. Think Ralph Lauren. Classic blue is a great color for homes both as a primary color or accessory.

Which brings us to:


All white kitchens are……….NOT!
White kitchens go in and out. I shouldn’t really say they are out because a beautiful minimal white kitchen is still popular. However a color pop in the white kitchen is right on point. Especially if it is a center island painted in the aforementioned classic blue.


Wallpaper is……….HOT!
“WHAT!” you shout. “I just took down all the danged wallpaper when we moved in and now you say it’s hot again?!” Hang on, you were right to take down the wallpaper when you moved in because t was the wrong wallpaper. 2020 wants a specific wallpaper perhaps a toile in classic blue or a tranquil floral in the other hot color: millennial pink. (Editors Note: We called millennial pink dusty rose but they have claimed it as their own and renamed it. Just because it’s millennial pink doesn’t mean its not dusty rose)


The home bar is……….HOT!
Here we again thank our millennials for their interest in all things mixology. Not for them the wine cellar, no they will have a full bar! A home bar is still a must in every home this year and beyond. Indoors, this is a practical and very Gatsby-like addition – think bar carts, club chairs and displayed glass sets...while if you want something that feels more like a beach club, this is a great 
garden idea and one of the coolest ways to unwind. 


Sectionals are……….NOT!
Once they are broken in they all look like dog beds. Instead look for –


Sculptural furniture is……….HOT!
A super popular Mid-century design, there has been a major comeback of curved, sculptural furniture, especially when it comes to upholstery. Curved sofas and high-back armchairs in gorgeous rich velvets give an instant glamorous vibe and can make a statement even in the most simple of spaces. As much as we love drooling over these kinds of vintage pieces in antique shops, the reality is they are often pretty pricey. But fear not, shops like West and Habitat all do dupes for the vintage sofas of our dreams.  

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